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National Disaster Management Training Centre developing a DRR learning material【Myanmar】

Here is a post by the Principal of Myanmar’s National Disaster Management Training Centre: it is about a DRR learning material that SEEDS Asia helped in its making.
6 to 7 years ago, U Nay Myo Tun, an official from the Relief and Resettlement Department, Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement (currently called Department of Disaster Management) accompanied by Mr. Ichihara, a JICA expert, visited SEEDS Asia Myanmar office and requested for assistance in developing a DRR learning material, based on his learning from the training in Japan. After a series of consultations, SEEDS Asia Myanmar office was able to develop a unique card game on DRR and hand it over to him. The card game has been utilised in his programme for awareness-raising here and there, for kids and adults in the country.
This August, Myanmar is encountering large scale flood disasters resulting in deaths and missing people, including the landslide in Mon State. Securing safety of the people is the utmost priority, for which being prepared to protect oneself through daily learning and drills out of “the normalcy biases” is the key. Disaster response in particular does not have an easy formula where a certain action will turn into a favourable result. It is about immediately making decisions on what to do in different situations. SEEDS Asia developed this DRR learning material with deep consideration of this essential factor, and he surely pays attention to this aspect of the card game. We are hoping that this card game will be widely used and protect lives of as many people as possible, through the hand of the Principal of the National Disaster Management Training Centre in Myanmar!