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DRR leaders’ training: Learning the History of Dike in Hinthada【Myanmar】

28th January, field training was organized for DRR Leader trainees who belong to 14 villages under Leikchaung Village Tract in Hinthada District, to learn about the river dike and its history. Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department officials kindly took the trainees to the museum of dikes to introduce the history and current situation of floods and water management in Hinthada Township. Exhibitions use visual approaches to give learning, such as vintage devices, equipment and living supplies that have been stored since the era of British Empire, and topographic 3D maps, graphs and photos about Hinthada Township. It is aimed that, through this training, the history of living with the river and severer and more frequent flooding are understood for strengthened partnership and reviews of individual, school-level and village-level DRR plans.