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Emergency support for children in Myanmar to continue education by well-wishers from Kyoto East & Osaka East Rotary Club members [Myanmar]

Various pieces of stationary were arranged for distribution for eight schools in Hinthada.

In Myanmar, school closures have continued for the past two years since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and due to the precarious political situation. This situation could unfortunately also worsen the poverty conditions and many other social problems, increasing the disaster vulnerability of people and communities.

According to UNESCO, 9.6 million children in public education are impacted by the closure of schools, of whom 5.3 million have been deprived of basic education of literacy, numeracy and about social norms. This in long term will certainly affect those affected children’s future.

SEEDS Asia called for cooperation for an emergency support project to prevent this situation from getting worse, and members of Rotary Club of Kyoto-East and Osaka East extensively offered to help. Their donation enabled us to purchase school supplies for 471 students in eight schools in Hinthada district in March. We are thankful for the understanding and generosity of the people who offered help, and for standing by the motivated learners in Hinthada to continue their study.

As it is very challenging to support local people in Myanmar at the moment, especially through government schemes, citizen-to-citizen cooperation is imperative. SEEDS Asia will continue to make efforts to support children that are exposed to multiple disaster risks. Your kind help for this project will greatly benefit the children at risk.