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ESD-DRR Camp【Japan】

From 2nd to 3rd November, ESD-DRR (Education for Sustainable Development – Disaster Risk Reduction) Camp was held in Tamba City. This activity is funded by Hyogo Voluntary Fund and an initiative to connect local resources of Tamba including the experience of being affected by a disaster to human and community development. 12 participants from 4 families joined to learn from the disaster recovery of Tamba, check the contents of their emergency bags, get to know how to use an emergency toilet, stay in a shelter-like facility, and harvest vegetables. These activities are not only for disaster risk reduction but also for extending imagination to the relationship between human beings and nature. Many local residents joined and provided invaluable experiences and inputs. An adult participant expressed that they want to move in to Tamba City as people are very kind-hearted, and children said “we learned how to overcome difficulties in disaster situations”.