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Adelphi-IGES Expert Workshop on Climate Fragility Risks【Japan】

SEEDS Asia will participate in Joint Adelphi-IGES Expert Workshop on Climate Fragility Risks in Japan held on June 16. For its purpose, a questionnaire survey on the topics has been conducted by Adelphi and IGES. Your cooperation to answer the questionnaire from the below would be highly appreciated!

Keeping in view the raising importance of addressing climate and fragility risks, adelphi Germany and IGES Japan are conducting a joint research on addressing these risks through policy advocacy and this survey will help us understand the current level of knowledge and interventions to address climate and fragility risks in Asia and Pacific region. The survey has three major parts, part one is on the awareness of the respondent on the climate and fragility risks, part two is on potential actions for addressing these issues and part three is about the respondent. All information will be strictly used for research and no personal information is being collected and will not be shared with any third party. Thank you very much for your valuable time and inputs to this study which will be helpful in shaping the policy advocacy on this issue. IGES and adelphi