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Monitoring session in Nepal project【Nepal】

 On 24 December, monitoring session was held in Prano Jhangajholi village in Shndhuli District with the presence of Prof. Masaaki Ohashi who was dispatched by Akaihane foundation (Central Community Chest Society of Japan) as external consultant for the monitoring on the “Support Project on the enhancement of Community-based Disaster Risk Management in VDCs”.
 The project aims to enhance community based disaster risk management by organsing trainings and workshops with the following three processes: 1. Review the Gorkha earthquake and extract lessons learnt for improvement 2. Defining the roles and responsibilities in disaster management in community 3. Making sustainable action plan for enhancing community based DRR activities In the monitoring, the chair of the Village Disaster Risk management committee which was formed through the project introduced the aim and structure of the committee and its sub-committees, and shared the hazard risk of the village. Each sub-committee such as early warning and communication, first-aid and search & Rescue also shared the plan.
 Based on the observation, Prof. Ohashi shared and exchanged his views on how to expand and making this initiatives more effective in a village with population of 4,700. Coordinating more to integrate this bottom-up approach with the new initiatives taken by Nepal government on disaster management, and identifying the vulnerabilities in the village for making action plan to be effective were suggested to the committee.